React in real time to cyber threats

At Lunarr, we know how much every minute counts when a cyber attack threatens your business. That's why we have set up a technical and human system to detect security incidents as early as possible and intervene urgently.
Cybersecurity Incident Detection and Response (SOC / CSIRT)
Monitoring your information system
Our Security Operation Center (SOC) ensures permanent supervision of your networks and systems using state-of-the-art event correlation and behavioral analysis technologies.
Connected to your IS, our sensors detect in real time any abnormal activity that could be the sign of an attack: malware in action, lateral movements, data extraction, ransomware encrypting servers...
As soon as a suspicious event is detected by our probes, our SOC analysts intervene immediately to neutralize the threat. According to established procedures, they can isolate an infected server, block malicious IPs, suspend compromised user accounts...
Our emergency response team
If, despite the actions of our SOC, the crisis situation persists, our Computer Security and Incident Response Team (CSIRT) intervenes as reinforcement.
This emergency response team, available 24/7, will then go to your site if necessary to investigate, collect evidence and stop the spread of the attack on your internal network before it impacts your critical services.
The experts of our CSIRT also assist you in implementing the measures to resume your normal activities as quickly as possible and learn all the lessons from this incident.
Thanks to the combination of a high-performance SOC and a CSIRT team trained in crisis management, Lunarr guarantees you an optimal reaction capacity to the most virulent cyber attacks!
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