Strategic support for business-aligned cybersecurity

Making digital security a real business asset for your company requires defining a cybersecurity strategy that is in line with your corporate culture and development goals.
At Lunarr, we assist you throughout the lifecycle of this digital strategy: from policy definition to tactical execution to governance.
Our experts first spend several days with you to understand your ecosystem, your business processes and your specific business challenges according to your industry sector.
At the end of this audit and analysis phase, we help you to establish a 3 to 5 year cybersecurity roadmap integrating both:

Digital security policy

Acceptable risks, regulatory compliance, accountability...

Cybersecurity governance

Target organization, roles and responsibilities of business lines, ISDs and CISOs.

The human factor

Staff awareness and training plan.

Technological aspects

Investments and resources required according to risks.
We also challenge your cyber resilience plan to ensure business continuity in the event of a major incident.
Finally, we can support you in the implementation of this strategy within your organization as an independent consultant.
For cybersecurity that is fully aligned with your company's DNA, call on the experts at Lunarr.

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