Expertise dedicated to critical infrastructure

Industrial production sites and energy networks are among the prime targets for cybercriminals due to their strategic importance. A successful attack on these critical infrastructures can not only cause colossal financial losses, but also endanger human lives in the long term.
Aware of these challenges, Lunarr focuses its cybersecurity expertise on tailor-made support for players in the industry and energy sectors.
Our consultants begin with an intrusive audit of SCADA systems to assess the resilience of your installations to cyber threats. We simulate remote or physical intrusion attacks on your equipment to test their weaknesses.
Depending on the risks identified, we help you to correct vulnerabilities, harden configurations, segment networks and deploy detection probes as close as possible to the systems. Awareness sessions can also be led for field teams.
Finally, our Security Operation Center (SOC) takes over the continuous monitoring of your production processes and energy networks. In the event of anomalies detected, our crisis management experts intervene directly on site to investigate and contain the incident before business impact.
With Lunarr, your production and energy supply chain is secured for a serene activity.
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