Expertise dedicated to the healthcare sector

Healthcare institutions are among the prime targets of cybercriminals due to the sensitive personal data they hold. A leak or ransomware attack on patient data can have dramatic consequences.
This is why Lunarr focuses its cybersecurity expertise on supporting e-health players: hospitals, clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, medico-social structures, etc.
Our teams start by auditing the security of the information systems of these structures using the penetration testing method. We verify the robustness of their servers, websites, SaaS applications, and connected objects in order to detect exploitable vulnerabilities upstream.
We also ensure that our healthcare clients comply with the GDPR and the specific requirements for securing health data (HDS reference system). The traceability of access and the compartmentalization of information are particularly verified.
Depending on the risks identified, we recommend security measures adapted to the constraints of the sector: data encryption, strong authentication, network segmentation, application firewalls, etc.
Finally, thanks to its SOC, Lunarr takes over the continuous supervision of healthcare information systems. Its detection probes monitor flows in real time to identify abnormal activities. In the event of an incident, our experts react immediately for investigation and remediation.
With Lunarr, healthcare players effectively combine digital security and continuity of care.
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